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Getting acquainted with the Quran was never this easy before. Technology is the marvel of the present age, and we’re making the most out of it! At IQRA Quran Tutoring, we are offering a broad spectrum of courses for our esteemed audience. The best part is, you can learn it all from the comfort of your home.


Spot your weaknesses and allow our expert faculty to help you out. Whether it is recitation (Tajweed), understanding (Tafseer), or Arabic – we have a comprehensive curriculum to help you out in all areas. Typically, learning requires you to arrive at an institute or center. But thankfully, with the help of Allah, there is no hassle of commute when you opt to learn Quran online.

Learning Quran online offers you a flexible schedule, a student-oriented curriculum, and individual attention. Plus, we have male and female staff members to cater to all segments of our user-base. All of our online Quran classes are live and interactive. Sign up to learn Quran online with us right away.

We ensure that after every class, the student feels fulfilled and satisfied.

You do not have to shake up your schedule and travel down to the local Islamic hub anymore. Just log in, register, and begin your journey towards enlightenment!


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3 Simple Steps to Join Online Quran Classes

It is natural to assume there will be complex techie stuff involved in the online learning of the Quran. Yet, this is not true. The whole process is, rather, a piece of cake!

All you need is a headset, microphone, and a stable Internet connection. Meanwhile, the three steps to commence your
online Quran classes are:


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Evaluate the tutor assigned for you and figure out if he/she is capable to meet your desired standard of learning.



If satisfied with the trial sessions, choose your preferred schedule and start your course right away!

Our Course Offerings

Noorani Qaida Course

We will help you identify the basic Arabic letters in all forms and combinations. You will also learn the pronunciation of these letters. It is a supportive course that enables you to recite Quranic words with fluency.

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Quran Recitation (Tajweed) Course

This course will enable you to understand the due properties of every letter. It clarifies the point of origin for every letter and symbol so that you can learn to read Quran with Tajweed with enhanced levels of consciousness.

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Quran Translation (Tafseer) Course

In here, you will begin a beautiful journey to gain insight into the underlying meaning of the Quranic verses with all its connotations and implications. With each class, you will feel your soul has been cleansed more.

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Hifz Program

Students who enroll in this course are those who aim to learn Quran by heart. Our experienced instructors will guide these students every step of the way. We make sure that learning becomes easier for you and you do not forget the lessons you have learned before.

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Face-to-Face vs. Online Quran Classes

A thought may bother you time and again – the face-to-face classes are better than the online Quran classes. Indeed, the ambiance of an organized Quran class in the Islamic Center is peerless. But that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot achieve the same feeling in your home.


In fact, many people who started online Quran classes are now fond of these more than ever!

For starters, online Quran learning allows the student to go at their own pace. You are in charge of the curriculum. Unlike the physical classrooms, you do not have to feel shy about asking questions. During the online sessions, you can ask as many questions as you like to seek clarity on the subject. Also, in face-to-face sessions, the chances are that instructors arrive from the same location. They are experts, indeed, but the real Arab dialect is only possible to learn from Native Arab tutors. And online Quran classes allow you to reach them.


As mentioned above, online Quran learning allows you to fix your own days and timings. The flexibility of this medium wins everyone. People who are hesitant to take long routes to Masjid are now ready to try out online Quran classes. Parents, across the globe, are also opting for online Quran classes for their kids.

What Makes IQRA Quran Tutoring Stand Out?

One on One Classes


All our Quran classes are one on one to ensure undivided attention. It also allows tutors to gauge every student’s individual progress.

Islamic Scholars


Our tutors are graduates of renowned Islamic Universities such as Al-Azhar and International Islamic University with years of teaching experience.

Regularity & Punctuality

We make sure no class is missed or gets late. If under extreme emergency, we inform you at least 3 hours prior so that you don’t have to wait.

100% Money Back

Apart from the free trials, we also offer 100% money back guarantee later if you are not satisfied with the services or your classes get missed due to whatever reason.

Reschedule & Cancel Anytime

There is no agreement or contract. You can cancel the classes anytime you want. You can also reschedule or increase/decrease the number of classes.

Tailored Courses

Our courses are designed to meet the learning needs of students of every age group and reading level. We have specialized tutors for every course.

Our Happy Students

This is a great way for our kids to learn the Quran. The classes are convenient and extremely effective. My 2 sons have been reading for a year with great interest.
Umair Ahmad
I have a very good experience with the academy till now. My tutor is cooperative, knowledgeable, and patient. She is always on time for the class. The management is also easily accessible and responds promptly to any query.
I have been doing Quran memorization which my instructor has made so easy for me. Recommended.

Online Quran Classes from USA, UK, Canada, UAE, etc.

The whole purpose of having a virtual setup is to reach audiences far and wide. We are trying our best to cross over the physical barriers. You can now learn Quran online with Tajweed from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, etc. Some of our students have also boarded from countries like India and Bangladesh.


Most of the time, you will access online Quran classes from Pakistan. Since all tutors are certified, you do not have to worry about their authenticity. Just type in learn Quran online from USA or online Quran classes in UAE and we will get back to you soon!

Your Go-to Place to Learn Quran Online

We pride ourselves on having taught the Quran to 2000+ students from over 20 countries worldwide.  With a team of highly dedicated Quran tutors, we strive to provide online Quran classes to the highest standards. Our aim is to allow everyone who is stopped from learning Quran in physical centers due to long distances or time constraints to learn Quran online regardless of their location, age, or gender.


We have constantly been getting referrals from our existing students which testify the quality of our tutoring and the trust they have in us. with our services, you can get to learn Quran online with Tajweed from certified male & female Arab tutors at your own preferred schedule. There can’t be anything of more value.