Online Tajweed Course

What is Tajweed?

The linguistic meaning of Tajweed is “doing something better.” When it is applied to the Quran, it means reciting the Quran with its due properties. It is one of the most important sciences of the Quran governed by deep-rooted static rules provided by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The Importance of Learning Tajweed

Given that the Holy Quran is the Book of Allah and the eloquence of the Arabic language, a small difference in the pronunciation of letters can result in a significant difference in the meaning. When you learn Tajweed, you make sure that you do not make any errors and read the Quran pleasantly.

The online Tajweed course helps a student to spot the mistakes they make during recitation. Meanwhile, Tajweed for kids will take a steady course, enabling the child to understand pronunciation word-by-word. The beauty of the Arabic language you discover along the way will keep you in a daze throughout!

Learn Tajweed Online

The times we are living in are incredible. Technology has been making wonders happen for humanity. Today, you can learn Tajweed online while sitting in the comfort of your homes. It would be wrong to assume that Tajweed is a rigorous study, and it is only possible to learn at a center. The technological tools are now enabling everyone to learn complicated rules with amazing tools. So much so that it will become simple for students.

The online Tajweed course helps a student to differentiate between the correct and incorrect sounds. The students can pick their mistakes, and they have to work hard to overcome those errors. As a student progresses in his/her online tajweed classes, they learn how to maintain their tone throughout the recitation.


All the students willing to enroll in this course need any device (laptop/mobile/tab), a stable Internet connection, a headset, and a microphone.

Our Online Tajweed Classes

Our online Tajweed classes are taught by expert teachers. Each instructor comes from an authentic institute and a strong professional background. When they teach Quran Tajweed Online, they assess the skill level of each student and then design a customized curriculum to teach them the elements of Tajweed.


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