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Memorization of the Quran is a noble act with endless rewards. A person who devotes himself fully to the learning of Quranic verses finds himself utterly satisfied in this Dunya and the Hereafter. Having the entire Quran in your heart is the biggest gift you can get from Allah (SWT).

You may feel like you do not have the stamina and temperament to begin this endeavor. However, our Hifz Quran online experts firmly believe that you can!


Do not fear. Begin your Hifz journey with us and watch how our instructors will help you pass through all roadblocks. Our 1 on 1 online Hifz classes make sure that every student has the full attention of the teacher.

Why is Quran Memorization Important?

Allah has given special privileges to those who have the Quran in their hearts. Given that the person puts a large part of his/her time and energy into this task, they gain the immense pleasure of Allah. You can also lead in the prayers (if you oblige by all other regulations) and teach people around you (if you learn all guidelines).


Quran Memorization adds a Divine essence in everything you do. As you recite each letter, it adds to your scale of good deeds. Abdullah ibn Masud narrated that Rasulullah (PBUH) said:

He who reads one letter of the Quran it (becomes) for him a good deed, and a single good deed is rewarded (by Allah) by ten times the like thereof. I am not saying that Alif-Lam-Mim is (just) one word, but that Alif  is a (separate) letter (word), Lam is a (separate) letter (word), and Mim is a (separate) letter (word). (Tirmidhi)

When you learn the Quran by heart, it fills you with confidence. You tend to have better Khushu during Salah. It shows you the kind of life you should lead. The scholars said that whoever memorizes the Holy Quran and acts upon it, Allah will reward him and honor him greatly. He will rise in status in Jannah (paradise) to a level commensurate with what he memorized of the Book of Allah.


Our online Hifz classes will strengthen your learning and enable you to get a firm grip on the sequence and placement of the verses.

About Our Online Hifz Program

Our teachers are fully aware of the challenges faced by a student during the memorization journey. We take our students’ step by step until they achieve the final goal of Hifz completion. Our experts know some incredible methods to help a student achieve their milestones in as little time as possible.

Being aware of the fact that our students come from all walks of life, we know the tricks that will help them all to memorize the verses. Here is how our online Hifz classes work.

  1.  Every class begins with the student reciting his/her last lesson to ensure he/she has memorized it with the correct Tajweed.

  2. Allotting a certain set of verses to the student, called “lesson of the day.” This is done after reading and re-reading the verses to make sure no error is made by the student.

  3. The student is given some of the class time to memorize whatever he can. The remaining he can do at home. He is supposed to memorize his entire lesson before the next class. 

  4. The next step is, making them recite the portion they memorized earlier. This is the portion that the student has learned in the past few days. This is done every week or every other week and is aimed at keeping the previous lessons fresh. 

  5.  Next, as the amount of memorized portion increases, we divide it into old and new. The new part has to be recited every day (as mentioned above). The older portion has to be divided and recited as per the instructor’s advice.

We make sure to schedule our online hifz classes according to the schedule of our students.  It is very useful for students who are always on the go and find it hard to study on their own. All our classes are interactive. Our teachers provide individual attention to every student.

During the process of memorization, we make sure that you get to know all the rules of Tajweed. The pronunciation of letters must be according to the rules. The instructor will point out how you can correct the recitation and catch the flow when you read the Quran.

We often come across people who are hesitant to begin their Hifz journey as they feel their age is not appropriate. This is a false assumption. There is no age limit when it comes to reading and memorizing the Quran. There are incredible stories of Muslims who memorized the Quran at an elderly age. Whether you are searching for a Hifz tutor for your kid or for yourself – our online Quran Hifz program is the solution for all.

steps in online Hifz classes

How Do Our Online Quran Hifz Classes help?

Our online Quran memorization classes follow a process for every student (We have mentioned the process above). In case a student feels like a pattern doesn’t suit them, they can suggest another procedure to their instructor. We try our best to tailor the process according to the requirements of the student. Our Online Quran Memorization Classes will enable you to get a firm grip on the verses. You will easily recall the verses wherever you hear them.

Our teachers make sure that your knowledge of the Quran is complete and intact. They will try to eliminate all the troubles you are facing and show you the correct method of memorization.

In this day and age, leaving your home for long hours at a Madrassa is impossible for many people. Our Online Hifz Course caters to these difficulties. We will help you to learn Quran and strengthen your memorization of every verse without leaving your home! All you need is a laptop or mobile device, a stable Internet connection, and a great level of willpower.

Within a few weeks, you will find incredible results with our qualified Hifz teachers, insha’Allah!


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