About US

Our Mission

The Quran is the foundation of our religion. Without its accurate knowledge, the chances of a person being dazzled by the World are pretty high. Iqra Quran Tutoring proceeds forth with the mission of spreading the Word of Allah as far as possible. Through our platform, we intend to reach out to the Muslims in all corners of the globe and enlighten them towards straight path.

We plan to rebuild the weak areas of Muslims when it comes to Quranic knowledge. If your recitation (Tajweed) is weak, your understanding (Tafseer) is lacking, or you aim to learn the Book by heart – our experts can help you with all!

Our online Quran classes for kids and adults can help everyone to get a firm grip on the Book at comfort of their homes. We have beginner and advanced courses to cater to the requirements of every age group. 


Our Tutors

Our tutors can teach students from various circles of life. Whether you are an adult, an elderly, or a parent looking for a reliable teacher for your kid, do not hesitate connecting with us. Our tutors know well how to impart knowledge of each domain to various age groups.

Iqra Quran Tutoring hires strictly professional tutors. We make sure you will never have any complaints from our tutors. They oblige to stay committed and punctual throughout the course. Similarly, we also expect an equal level of commitment from our students. This way, the learning of The Holy Book can be easy and fun!

Our Agency acknowledges the fact that Learning of Quran has to be 100% authentic and error-free. The tutors we hire have a strong
background. They have studied from reliable institutes and hold significant experience in their domain. We make sure The Book is never disrespected and you acquire complete knowledge of all areas.


We offer female teachers for female students and male teachers for male students. We feel extremely delighted to claim that every tutor in our team is an incredible knowledge-bearer.

Why You Should Join Us?

Your search for an authentic Quran Tutor ends here. Be it Recitation, Understanding, or Memorization, we will help you with all your endeavors!

At Iqra Quran Academy, you get individual attention of expert tutors. We work together to spot your weaknesses and help you to weed them out one by one. The assessment of learning of every student is done at the initial stages of the class. Once we know the caliber of our student, we formulate a curriculum according to his/her requirements.

We also understand the fact that learning needs of each student may vary. Hence, we discuss the preferred pace with the student and follow that. Iqra Quran Tutoring is a credible knowledge provider. The authorities have been working in this field for over X years and they know how to assist each student.

We are firm that you will benefit optimally after joining our platform. Take the trials and experience yourself!