Online Quran Classes in UAE

Are you residing in UAE and looking for online Quran classes for yourself or your kids? Congratulations, your search ends here.


As a pioneering online Quran academy, our aim is to make Quran learning easy and accessible for everyone regardless of their age, location or gender. We have been striving to achieve this since 2008, the year we started our services. 

What Led Us to Start Online Quran Classes in UAE?

Initially, our target audience was Muslims living in the USA and European countries because of the lack or non-existence of Quran learning opportunities there. With time, we started getting a good number of signups from UAE – Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc. These students have been reading with us for a while now. We felt there is a need for online Quran classes in UAE too.


With our UAE-specific tutors, we want to cater to the Quran learning needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters living in UAE. Now you have a perfect opportunity to learn Quran online in UAE with the best male & female tutors. It does not matter what your current level is. Whether you are a complete beginner, mid-level reciter, or an advanced learner, we offer courses that will fulfil your specific learning needs. Below you will find the Quran courses that we offer in UAE. 

Courses Offered in UAE

As mentioned above, we offer various online Quran courses in UAE to suit every student’s level and preferences. You can select from the following courses.


Quran reading with Tajweed course

This course is for both beginners and mid-level students. If the student is a kid or a complete beginner, we start with Qaida to teach him/her the basics and lay a good foundation. If the student already knows the basics and just wants to improve his/her recitation, we will work on Tajweed. We teach all the rules of Tajweed with details and practice so that the student is able to recite the Quran properly and fluently.


Tafseer course

 If you want to understand the meanings of the Quran, we have the Tafseer course for you. In this course, we do word to word and in-depth translation and interpretation of the Quranic verses. You learn the context, theme, background, time of revelation, and connotations of every Surah. We offer this course in Urdu, English, and Arabic languages.


Hifz course

If you are interested to memorize the Quran partially or completely, you can register for our online Hifz program. Please keep in mind that the pre-requisite for this course is good Quran recitation.  

Tutors for UAE Students

We have specialized tutors for every course as the requirements and eligibility is different. For example, the memorization (Hifz) course is only taught by tutors who are Hafiz-e-Quran and have Ijazah. Similarly, tutors who have learned Tafseer in a University/seminary and have studied Tafseer books extensively teach the Tafseer course.

Our tutors are qualified from well-known Islamic Universities such as Al-Azhar and International Islamic University and have years of teaching experience. They are also well versed in English, Urdu, and Arabic so there is no communication barrier. Moreover, they are properly trained so they know how to behave and deal with kids.

With our tutors from the Middle East, we have tried our best to make online Quran classes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the entire region as personalized and localized as possible.